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9th Annual Women in Science Conference


Hosted by

GigaScience Press and BGI College

Where: Shenzhen China
When: March 7, 2024

About the Women in Science Conference

The GigaScience Press Women in Science Conference aims to highlight the science being carried out by women researchers and science business leaders and provide a forum for young women researchers to engage with more senior women researchers who have "been there". This all-women format creates an opportunity for speakers to provide information about women-specific challenges they may have faced in their careers and how they met those challenges, as well as a place for young women researchers to engage with international speakers, be able to ask questions that range from research to This conference moves beyond the 2-3 hour Women in STEM panel workshops that take place in institutions and at conferences that only give general advice, such as getting mentors and working hard, and instead talk about real science and women-specific issues. Importantly, this conference provides proactive and detailed information on specific mechanisms that aid women researchers in advancing their careers. 

For More Information Contact:

This Conference is open only to women
There is no registration fee

Challenges are simply
problems waiting for a Solution

2015: 1st GigaScience Women in Science Conference Speakers and Organizers

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